Being A Father, Starting A Business – The Truth

Being a Father and Starting a Business 

Let me set the scene: it’s a beautiful day in Londonbut south London is especially beautiful. Now, all I want to do is chill, write emails, and watch films all day.


My son had been banging on since morning that he wanted to go to the park because it is summer holiday for the kids.

So, he finally persuaded me to go to the park (when I say persuaded, I mean he dragged me kicking and screamingLOL). I manageto grab my laptop to do some work while we were there. We drove down to the park, which is about a seven minute walk (that’s me being generous) and, once we got there, the park was full of kids. I found a seat on a bench and told my son to go play.

Now, usually, I’d run around with him and become the Big Kid Dad that I am. But, on this occasion, all I could think about was working on my business, getting emails sent out, writing a blog post or two, and enjoying the sun. 

The local park was full of kids, parents, young basketball hopefuls on the court, and a couple of sunbathers. My son was running around in his Batman costume, by himself, looking like a lost puppy. Now, let me give you a little character background on my son. He is amazing, funny, cheeky, has enough common sense for two lifetimes, and is the most friendly child you’d ever meet. 

What he doesn’t realise is that not all children are like him, so when he tries to get other children‘s attention and initiate the first contact, some kids choose to ignore that. The look on his face is heartbreaking, which is where Big Kid Dad gets involved.

As parents, we build our children‘s character as best we can by putting them into situations that they’re not used to or comfortable with, such as being at a park with other children he doesn’t know or having him ride a bike without training wheels for the first time. These situations, over time, teach them that confidence, strength, and innocence only serves you for so long.

So, back to the park. My son continued to run around by himself, trying to make friends here and there. I can always tell when he hasn’t been successful because he comes to look for Big Kid Dad to save the day. But the difference, now, is that big kid dad is trying to build a better life for both of us. Do I become Big Kid Dad or continue with my work and allow him to learn one of life’s harsh realities, life’s a bitchlol?

But as the sun glistened on his disheartened face, Big Kid Dad put on his spandex, cape, and mask, laced up his boots, and came to the rescue. 

The reason why most parents do things they may not want to do (and I say most” because I’m hopeful for the innocent children who are bought into this world) is because unconditional love has no days off, no breaks, no holidays, or parttime hours. It is a FULLTIME JOB

Now, as we played Batman and Flash (I’m always Flash), other children slowly began to get involved with our game and Big Kid Dad got told that he was not wanted anymore. I returned to my bench, took off my Big Kid Dad costume, and returned to workwhich, incidentally, did not actually get done.

As the sun started to descend behind the trees in the distance and a cold chill blew through, yelled,Saddle up time!” to my boy and we rode off into the sunset.

Being A Father, Starting A Business – The Truth

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